Over the years with technological advancements, many kinds of lifts and elevators are created. Both the passenger lifts and residential elevators serve almost the same purpose but are quite different in functionality.

Highlighting the differences between passenger lifts and elevators, the most common of all is the capacity i.e. elevator has more capacity than a lift. Passenger lifts are meant only to carry people whereas the residential lifts are designed to transport people with their multiple belongings. If you are living in metropolitan cities like Delhi, where you have these really tall sky scrapper buildings residential elevator service providers in Delhi makes your living convenient as these elevators help you to carry your groceries and other things of daily needs.


Passenger lifts have limited features as their primary function is to carry people to different floors in a building. Passenger lifts take less space and are easy to fit in any area. Another benefit with passenger lift is that they are a cost-effective solution for your convenience needs. To get the best installation and maintenance services, make sure you get the lift fixed by the best passenger lift service providers in Delhi.

Residential elevators can be simple or highly structured depending on the needs of the users. Residential lifts offer many design options to match the decor of a home. These are suitable for multi-story houses or big mansions as they can be extended up to many floors. Residential lifts require proper planning and need a lot of space. These lifts also demand regular maintenance. Elevators have become an essential element in buildings with multiple stories. Elevators also require a lot of construction material and equipment as compared to a passenger lift.

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