Geared Traction LiftGeared traction lift

Jaimini Elevators is a reputable Geared traction lift supplier in Delhi. We offer Geared Traction Elevators that are designed for low to mid-rise buildings having up to 250 feet of rise. Our geared traction lift works by using gears to turn steel hoist ropes or cables over a drive shaft. A high-speed motor powers the drive shaft, which is usually mounted in a separate machine room, to elevate the passenger car.

If you are looking for Geared traction lift in Delhi for your low- to the mid-rise building, then this is the ideal and cost-effective option for you. It has a faster speed and smoother ride quality. You can have either overhead or basement machine rooms for our geared traction lift that has a feature to accommodate front/read openings. There is no risk of oil contamination in the ground with this kind of lift. Its design offers almost unlimited travel.

Key Features:

  • Best for low- to mid-rise buildings

  • Overhead or basement machine rooms

  • Cost-effective installation

  • Faster speeds than other product lines

  • Segment – up to 20 storeys

  • Max Load – 1400 kg

  • Max. Speed – 0.25 mps to 1.5 mps

  • Smoother ride quality

  • Accommodates front/rear openings

  • Non-proprietary equipment