Glass Lift

The glass lifts or elevators enhance the beauty of a building, hotel, shopping mall, or office. They often catch the attention of every passerby. Hence, today, the Glass Elevators have become the essential part of every modern building or architecture.

We at Jaimini Elevators are the leading Glass Lift Manufacturer in Delhi. We manufacture and supply the Glass elevators, which are commonly used in the shopping malls, offices, multiplexes, and hotels, etc. The glass cabin is the key attraction, when we talk about Glass elevators; this is what we keep in mind while forming a design. Being the leading glass lift service providers in Delhi, we offer the glass lifts of global standards up to 20 storeys, which can stand the load of 884 KG with a maximum speed of 0.25 mps to 1.25 mps.

Glass Lifts we manufacture are designed perfectly to provide a 360 degree view of the surroundings that looks pleasing to the eyes once you board in. We employ and follow the international standards of design, safety, and security while manufacturing our products.

Here are the key features of the glass elevators manufactured by us:

  • Soundless operation
  • Low power consumption
  • No tremors or vibration
  • Classy Design, Interior and Buttons
  • Electronic Control System
  • Capacity to endure heavy loads

As we are the leading glass lift suppliers in Delhi, we focus on every key aspect of our products, as well as the maintenance service. We provide glass lifts of different sizes and capacities that come with the latest design and advanced technology. All our elevator products are best in class, quality, and operation that are available at reasonable cost as well for our valuable clients. We don’t just sell our product to customers, but also follow up the deal with an indispensable product warranty and reliable maintenance service.