MRL Elevators

Jaimini Elevators & Escalators offers MRL elevators in Delhi for different new constructions or renovation projects. Machine Room Less Elevator, also known as MRL, is a traction elevator that doesn’t need a fixed machine room on the top of hoistway. Being the reputable MRL Elevators Manufacturer in Delhi, we provide high-quality traction based MRL elevators that have efficient design and counter-balance feature, resulting in saving a significant amount of energy.

Our MRL Elevators are highly cost-effective and environmental-friendly. It doesn’t require any pit or machine room as it has all its components above ground. The gearless traction feature presents it with superior performance and great ride quality at a faster speed. We are one of the best MRL Elevators Suppliers in Delhi and bring you different models of MRL elevators suiting your needs and budget.

Key Features:

  • Gearless/frequency controlled drive.

  • Designed for new installations.

  • Segment – up to 20 storeys.

  • Max Load – 884 kg.

  • Max. Speed – 25 mps to 1.5 mps.

  • Distinctive design.

  • Cost-effective solution.