MRL Elevators Manufacturers & Suppliers in Delhi

Traditional hydraulic or traction elevators are replaced with MRL elevators. Many individuals are curious as to what makes these elevators unique. Are they also safe and effective enough for general use? The MRL elevator has the appearance of a “regular” elevator. Traction or hydraulic lift could be used. Like other elevators, the MRL elevator will be moved by steel chord cables. In a small or mid-sized facility, space savings can have a big impact. MRL elevators are made to fit into compact spaces, you must choose our MRL Elevators Suppliers in Delhi.From cost to space savings, these lifts can help with a variety of construction issues.

Jaimini Elevators & Escalators offers MRL elevators in Delhi for different new constructions or renovation projects. Machine Room Less Elevator, also known as MRL, is a traction elevator that doesn’t need a fixed machine room on the top of hoistway. Being the reputable MRL Elevators Manufacturer in Delhi, we provide high-quality traction based MRL elevators that have efficient design and counter-balance feature, resulting in saving a significant amount of energy.

Our MRL Elevators are highly cost-effective and environmental-friendly. It doesn’t require any pit or machine room as it has all its components above ground. The gearless traction feature presents it with superior performance and great ride quality at a faster speed. We are one of the best MRL Elevators Suppliers in Delhi and bring you different models of MRL elevators suiting your needs and budget.

Key Features:

  • Gearless/frequency controlled drive.

  • Designed for new installations.

  • Segment – up to 20 storeys.

  • Max Load – 884 kg.

  • Max. Speed – 25 mps to 1.5 mps.

  • Distinctive design.

  • Cost-effective solution.

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